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Shit that I made in art school
Failed artworks and essay drafts
10 x 10 cm, 240 sheets, 1 ply
'Shit that I made in art school' is a work I produced a year after I graduated from the art school. The outcome of the work appears like a toilet paper roll that we use in our everyday life. It was being displayed inside the toilet cubicles of the art school I went to, and the audiences were welcome to use this artwork to clean themselves. 

I wanted to make this artwork because I feel that most of the things I produced in art school were crap and they have no practical value. But I also want to become a more useful person to others and stop making crap, so I decided to recycle these useless artworks and turn them into something useful. I thought toilet paper was pretty useful at all times, so I turned my useless works into toilet paper. Through the process of making toilet paper and donating my final artwork back to my school, I felt like I had become a more useful individual to society.
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