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‘Master’ of Contemporary Art
04 Mar 2019 – 26 Nov 2020
629 paintings, oil on canvas, plasterboard, house paint, wall of VCA Artspace
11.49 x 4.21 m
As a beginner in art, I want to become a great artist. So I decided to listen to the advice my teachers gave me. At first I did not want to, but then I accepted their advice. I decided to copy the method that the ‘master’ Leonardo Da Vinci used in his early career when he painted an egg on canvas every day. My first egg painting began when I commenced my course on 4th March 2019. The last painting was completed on my assessment day, 26th November 2020. To graduate, I submitted my entire two years of practice to the university by embedding the paintings into the wall of the exhibition space. Eventually, the paintings were approved to be left within the building structure.

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