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"Homework for Seminar" is a site-specific work that I created and presented during the critique seminar for my university subject on May 14, 2019. The piece was performed in front of my classmates and lecturers who attended the seminar.

Starting from May 4th, 2019, I used charcoal to practice drawing on one canvas per day until the day of the seminar, after abandoning my initial idea for the class presentation because I lacked inspiration. I didn't want to create a work without a meaningful concept just to submit to the seminar. However, I also feared that failing to submit anything would result in failing the subject. Therefore, on the day of the seminar, I walked into the classroom and placed a printed label next to the stack of canvases to signify the completion of the work. To me, this piece serves as a reflection of the anxiety I experienced as a student and is a true representation of that time in my life.



Homework for Seminar
4 May 2019 – 14 May 2019
Charcoal on canvas
18 x 18 x 13 cm
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