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Yuying Pang

I was born and raised in China, currently living in Melbourne. The practice I make and the outcome I create is usually classified as conceptual art. In recent years, my creative inspiration has primarily stemmed from the questions and challenges arising from the misalignment between my perception of self and my societal identity. For me, the process and practices I engage in to answer these real-life questions constitute my artistic practice. Therefore the presentation of the final artworks reflects my perspectives and choices regarding the initial inquiries of my life problems. As my creations originate from life and are shaped by life, I aspire for the final artwork to seamlessly reintegrate back into everyday life.



我是庞雨莹,出生并成长在中国,目前在墨尔本生活。 我的创作通常被归类为观念艺术。近年来,我的创作灵感主要来源于我对自己的认知与社会身份不匹配而产生的疑问和困扰。对我而言,解答这些问题的过程就是我的艺术创作过程,最终呈现出来的作品反映了我对最初疑问的看法和选择。因为我的作品源于生活,经于生活,所以最后的创造成果我希望也能回到生活。

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